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This job was abandoned by an electrician who ran out of time, lacked the skills to complete it, or simply did not care.

It was my genuine pleasure to ascertain what the customer's needs were and to fulfill them completely. 

The primary wish was to tidy up and hide all the cables running between his AV equipment and the TV/Soundbar, already mounted on the wall.

I relocated aerial and data outlets, which were unlabelled but i was able to identify them using special equipment.

The customer was pleased with the final result as the setup finally operated correctly and didn't look like an eyesore!

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...and when customers attempt to do it themselves

Now this is the sort of job I love: taking a home theatre and stereo that has been added to and changed over the years and setting it up tidily and efficiently.

I have a particular passion for tidy cabling and it was so satisfying removing all the unnecessary cables and tidying all the rest. 
Sky decoder, Blu-Ray/DVD player, Apple TV devices all plugged into home theatre receiver, with one cable going to the TV which I hung on the wall.

With my extensive knowledge I set it up so that one cable could allow the Smart TV remote to control the amp too!

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Meeting and exceeding customers' expectations

It started as a basic TV install, but when the TV remote signal couldn't get past the soundbar, a new plan was hatched.

The TV was to go on the wall with the soundbar underneath and cables hidden as much as possible without cutting into the wall.

So with meticulous measuring and close attention to detail, a 5mm gap between TV and soundbar soundbar was achieved with minimal cabling going to the TV, centred on the display to look symmetrical.

To complete the savvy service, the TV was connected to WiFi and all Netflix and TVNZ accounts were set up and operating.

Patient tutorials were carried out and the customer was left pleased with their setup and confident in how to use it.

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Lounge Do-Ups

A customer contacted me admitting he was not overly tech savvy and explained to me what he needed in a TV and audio system.
Identifying his need for something premium but not complex to use,  I took him into Harvey Norman where we negotiated a sharp deal for a Premium Panasonic OLED TV and a Klipsch Soundbar.

The customer was open to a full surround sound system but the soundbar was a better fit for him as he just wanted a good, clear sound, clean looks and simple to operate. His SKY decoder is tucked away in a cupboard being distributed throughout the house and with back up cabling installed tidily within the walls, the system is ready for expansion. A clean and tidy install was achieved and with the soundbar and TV talking to each other, the customer is confident working all his setup has to offer!

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The customer had a mess and the remote control system was not working...

A customer called me around to figure out why she couldn't change the channel in her lounge. I located the cupboard where all the equipment and developed a twitch in my eye at how untidy it all was. I made a plan in my head and gave a quote to the customer who accepted straight away (she also had a thing for untidy cables).

FAHEY After.png

The finished install...

The freeview recorder was removed due to being surplus to requirements. The device at the bottom distributed the Sky Decoder's picture around the house on existing CAT6 Cabling, in high definition, as well as the ability to use the Sky remote in each room. The aerial system was relocated into the ceiling space to tidy it all up even more. Customer was very satisfied!

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